Dirty Hands

Dirty Hands

The last time we were discussing my car, LTC was at $2 bucks a pop. (It's $9.28 as I type this), and my car was not running at all.

Since then I got the car running correctly, I fixed some major leaks within the system (should have used hondabond the first time), but have not been able to look much at the car for the past week that I was able to get it running. This is due to classwork getting stacked. But I should get free time on Friday, so that should really keep things open for myself.
I picked up some 15" wheels to accommodate the DZ102 tires that I wanted to run. I stripped accessories off the block, found a leak of oil, (literally quite the leak), got the carbs semi-dialed in.

You might think, what needs to be complete?

  • Headlight Wiring
  • Break Light troubleshooting
  • Clutch / Brake Pedal throw adjustment
  • New Carb gaskets I should make float gasket templates
  • Make modifications to the engine harness
  • wrap the engine harness.
  • patch some body panels up
  • Break the motor in by going on a date somewhere.

I kinda want to make sure I have an FM tuner for the last option, so that I can take the car to the drive in.