Gaining Momentum

Gaining Momentum

Since the last post I made, I think I only stopped working a couple of minutes to eat, or drive somewhere to work. This weekend was quite eventful. I needed assistance bleeding the brakes, IPX was up to the challenge and shot over after he got off work. Upon removing the wheels we realized the rotor was super toast. Allied had the rotors, and caliper rebuild kits in stock. (they always have everything in stock ready to go, even coolant temp sensor for M54) After removing the calipers, IPX told me I had to paint the calipers OEM red, so they got a shitty paint job on them. I'm probably going to touch them up again when I go to his house with the car, i think one more coat will fill in all the little gaps and fill in all my finger prints into the semi-dry paint.
note if you go to rebuild the calipers, they need 30 ft/lbs on the 4 bolts that hold them together, no more

I'll have to take a picture on wednesday when the retaining hardware comes in the mail. The bleeding process was interesting, it took a really long time to bleed the system out, I was surprised but I had another buddy come over and he sat there for 1 min 20 seconds pumping the brakes, and voila air started coming out.

IPX and I got the M54 motor timing finished. It took a while, the cheap Amazon kit did not have the correct cut holes for anything, so the secondary timing chain was all done by hand. Lemme tell you Vanos might be the most useless thing, complete pain in the ass to install everything together.

Everything is so red in these images :p This motor is really clean however. Word of advise ALWAYS GET CLEANER AS YOU TAKE APART! by this stage, any oil that we touch when working is clean, hell i was eating nachos as I was working :p

I still have a huge list of things to finish, tomorrow means more work, Tuesday night is the first day of class (night class w00t).
I saw this Z on CZCC and hot damn I really like the mud flaps, looks so nice.

Anyway, good night :)