Idling Time

I've been slowly working on the car for the past couple of weeks. It seems that my professors have all decided to amp up the amount of work we have to produce in every class that I'm taking. It really hinders the amount of work that I'm able to do on the car. But this past weekend I was troubleshooting some of the headlight issues on the car, I should be able to get them all sorted out, I ordered new plugs from Vintage Connections, which are very nice in quality.

I was meditating the other afternoon over something that I was upset about, and I came to an interesting conclusion, but one that I already knew. All the sources of the problems that I have in my life are from myself. It was an interesting realization.

I've been reading, "The Pleasure of Finding Things Out". It's quite a good read about Richard Feynman.

I got some more picture developed, here are some.




Quite a random bunch, but I really like the tones produced on them.