Recursive Issues

Recursive Issues

Within the last posting and now, I attempted to fix the rear hatch lock, by re-keying it. Something that I noticed was that in both instances the dust cover spring was rusted out, and in the case of the rear hatch it had snapped one of the arms off.

That really exposed the tumbler inside to the elements. Most of the keys on the tumbler were stuck to the body. Anyway I had to order some springs from McMaster-Carr because there was literally nothing available in the area, I figured if I pay for shipping once, I might as well order some door seals too.

I ended up ordering;

  • 1120A333 25ft

  • 9271K644 1 pack of 6 torsion springs

I find it funny right now because I was thinking about the issue of why the door locking mechanism was not working correctly. But my buddy and I encountered something similar when looking why this gas-tank-inlet was not functioning correctly. It came down to the dirt that was in-between the cover and the body. Once clean the latch would open correctly. A simple fix, but not really intuitive.
Also learned that if your power steering pump squeals when topped out, tighten the alternator belt slightly.

I digress, I went to go pull the old door seals and noticed there was a tiny amount of water within the car, After soaking it all up, and pulling off the old door seal, I realized that water was getting in from the bottom of the channel. I started off by ripping out the old door seal, which was fast, then cleaning everything out. The old seal literally disintegrated within my hands, while pulling it out. NO Bueno. The new seal installed fairly quickly, maybe 2-3 minutes top. BUT then what I noticed was that the door was able to sit in seem a little better. I assumed that the door was a little tweaked out, and that I would need to remove it at the hinge portion. Not only that, but the work that I did from the last post essentially fixed itself, and the lock mechanism was functional! yahoo :D

That was all last week. Its been raining here in California (we really need it), and on the passenger side there is no water inside the vehicle yet. There is however still a cover on the car, because I need to fix the driver window before removing the cover. Now if only I could get that transistorized ignition figured out..... Maybe we can drive the damn thing.