I attempted to change the fuel pump to a Carter 4070, I found that the OEM fuel pump bracket is not really designed to hold this pump.

With the modifications required to the bracket it would leave hoses exposed to debris that gets kicked from the rear tire. There are really two options for addressing this, one making my own bracket to house the pump/filters/wires all in one, or getting a 90* fitting for the pump inlet then modifying the OEM bracket to take the elbow adapter for the pump housing. The downside to the later is that it leaves the pump exposed to be messed with. I like the idea of making the pump difficult to access from the outside.

I noticed while dynoing the car that it looses power after 3.7k in 3rd gear. I believe it’s a fuel issue, the throttle does not have any response at that point, and the response only returns when lettin off the throttle. I assume what’s happening is that the float bowl is not filling up quick enough for the carb to atomized the fuel and provide the power. This is probably also causing lean conditions, although I don’t notice any increase of heat, the temp gauge stays at ~190*f...

This beings another point, the throttle is not stiff enough, I need to make a bushing for the throttle rod, too much slip makes for bad heel toe.

Much to do, interior work also needs to start.

Oh did I say anything about the rust that I found? Loads of it under the driver floor pan. I’ll
change it out, and install new seat supports, someone damaged the seats support in the front and the rear.

Lots of work to do. :)